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Evil Under The Sun by Agatha Christie || Book Review


Title: Evil Under The Sun

          ( Hercule Poirot #23 )

Author: Agatha Christie

First published: 1. June 1941

Edition: Harper

              Paperback, 320 pages

Genre: Mystery | Fiction | Crime

Summary: The beautiful bronzed body of Arlena Stuart lay facedown on the beach. But strangely, there was no sun and she was not sunbathing… she had been strangled.

Ever since Arlena’s arrival the air had been thick with sexual tension. Each of the guests had a motive to kill her. But Hercule Poirot suspects that this apparent ‘crime of passion’ conceals something much more evil.

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◄ 4 out of 5 stars ►

This was my eight Agatha Christie novel and so far I have enjoyed all of them. They are so fun to read and also very addicting. Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors because she manages to entertain me with each book and she makes me question a lot of things, which is the point of a mystery novel.

Let’s begin this review by talking about the setting of the story – the place that the tragedy happens at. It takes place on an island that can only be reached by a dam or by boat. I loved the fact that it was a place where only the guests of the hotel (which is on the island) had access to. It also sounds as a beautiful place, one where I would gladly spend my vacation.

Now about the characters. Of course, the first one I have to mention is Hercule Poirot, as he is the main character. Poirot was as amazing and intelligent as he always is. I adore him as a character, he is so much fun to read about. I especially love his little quirks that not everyone understands and most find very weird. I love reading books about him.

The other characters I won’t go much into, because I feel as if I could spoil a lot of things. I am just going to say that there were quiet a few characters that I liked, but there were also those ones that I didn’t and that were annoying – but all of them were very interesting, which is more important than liking them in my opinion.

The mystery was very fascinating. I don’t know how to write about it without spoiling anything so I will keep this one short. As with each mystery novel I try to figure out who did it and such, this was no exception. Was I right? Absolutely not. Not even close. Which is great, as I love being surprised about who did it – it makes it more interesting.

So why did I give it 4 instead of 5 stars? I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending. I felt as if there were a few questions that didn’t get answered, and I would have loved to know the answers to them.

All in all it was a very good book. I enjoyed myself and I would recommend this book to everyone who loves a good mystery. Now I plan to read another Agatha Christie novel, as I am in a really big mystery mood.



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