The Random Tag


Okaaaay, it’s not really a book tag. But we shall go with this! 😀

I was tagged by the lovely Jessica @theawkwardbookblogger and Brigitte @thebookandthebone to do this tag. Thank you both once more! ❤ 😀 Be sure to check out their blogs.

What is your favorite food?

Definitely ice-cream. ❤ I seriously want to eat it right now!


What are you having for dinner tonight/what did you have for dinner tonight?

I just had some noodles with vegetables – nothing to special, though it was delicious.


Who was the last person you emailed?

The last person I emailed was one of my university professors. I’m currently writing an essay and I needed some advice from her – which is the reason for the email.

What sports do you do?

Currently none. I did do many sports over the years however. They were: tennis, karate, swimming, hip-hop dancing, volleyball (and I mean in proper clubs and not gym class). 😉

Do you play any musical instruments?

No I don’t. I would love to learn to play the piano, but sadly I don’t have the time (or a piano for that matter) to practice and learn. Hopefully one day! 😀

Do you have any pet hates?

Hmmm…I do think I have quiet a few. The one I’ll mention today is: when someone is ALWAYS late. This particularly annoys me as I tend to get to the meeting place at least 5 minutes early. I have a friend who is constantly late at least 15 minutes.


Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day!



6 thoughts on “The Random Tag

  1. Nice , fun quiz, liked your responses too. I also don’t like it when people keep me waiting but of course I do have those friends who can never keep time. In addition, In Africa, its almost like a culture here, people just don’t keep time:-) Your first answer now got me craving some ice-cream 🙂


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  2. SAME with the always-being-early thing! I’m always early because I’m always worried about holding everyone up… and then someone else has THE NERVE to show up late? It’s the worst 😛

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