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I was tagged by the lovely Ashleigh @afrolicthroughfiction to do this tag. Thank you once more! ❤ 😀 Be sure to check out her blog, she is amazing!

The Night CircusTotally should’ve…gotten a sequel:

The first book that came to my mind was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

I absolutely ADORED this book when I read it. It’s one of my all time favourites! ❤ I love the setting, the story and the characters – it’s simply wonderful.

I would LOVE if there was a sequel to this book or a companion novel. I just want to read more about this world and the writing of Erin Morgenstern is simply amazing! (I need more books by her, hopefully she is going to write something new soon.) 😀

Totally should’ve…had a spin off series:


Markus ZusakMarkus ZusakAn author who totally should’ve…written more books:

I would looove it if Markus Zusak wrote more books. He is one of my favouirte authors and I need a new story by him.

I have read both The Book Thief and The Messenger and loved them both. (And I do know that he has a YA trilogy out called the Wolfe Boys, but I have no interest in reading that.)

A character who totally should’ve… ended up with someone else:

I don’t want to spoil anything for this series, so I’m not going into any details. But I seriously didn’t like (or rather hated and I’m still upset about it) that Alina ended up with the person she ended up with. That’s vague enough! XD


Totally should’ve…had a movie franchise:

Technically there are movies for these books. But they aren’t really good, or at least I didn’t enjoy them at all. So I am basically ignoring them.

Honestly these books would make freaking fantastic movies, if they were done right.


Totally should’ve…had a TV show:

I believe that The Infernal Devices would make an amazing TV show. I mean it has magic, action, romance and the historical setting is amazing (I would LOVE to see the costumes). This would be amazing, IF done right. Though I’m pretty scared (and very sure) that they would mess it up, so I’m not sure if this would be the best idea. XD


Totally should’ve…had only one point of view:

I think that Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf would have been better with only one point of view. Or at least I wouldn’t have gotten as confused as I did when I was reading it. XD

Totally should’ve…had a cover change:

I read the first two books of this trilogy and enjoyed them greatly. It’s a really good story about assassin’s. But these covers are seriously bad, they should have a cover change.


Totally should’ve…kept the original covers:

I honestly have no idea. I can’t think of any books for this at the moment.

DivergentTotally should’ve…stopped at book one:

Unpopular opinion time!

I really didn’t like Divergent, mostly I had problems with the characters. I didn’t like any of them.

And I have heard that the books don’t get better, and we all know that there are many people out there who hate the final book in this trilogy.

So I believe this book series should have stopped at book one.

I tag:

(If you have already been tagged or already done this tag, feel free to ignore me.) 😀


Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day!


39 thoughts on “Totally Should’ve | Book Tag | 2016 Edition

    1. YES! I totally agree! The Diviners was seriously beautiful and the new covers are okay, but can’t hold up to the original. I totally forgot about this book! XD
      Hahaha, I had the same reaction. I had hoped she would have ended up with Nikolai.


    1. The Night Circus is really wonderful! ❤
      As for Harry Potter, I would LOVE a series about the Mauraders as well. Though honestly I can get behind any Harry Potter spin off series (like the Founders era, the future generation, Voldemort's time at Hogwarts etc.). I just want more from the Harry Potter world! 😀

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  1. oh I’d love to see a HP spin off series! and I agree Marcus Zusak should write more books! definitely agree with you about who alina ended up with. I also agree Infernal Devices should be a tv show- I like it loads more than Mortal Instruments. I actually totally agree with you about Divergent- it’s such a rip off of other books and I agree it doesn’t get better- a lot of that has to do with the whole concept not working :/

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    1. A HP spin off would be fantastic! I seriously don’t care what it would be about (Marauders, the Founders, future generation, Voldemort’s time at Hogwarts), I just want more from this world!
      I’m scared that they would ruin the Infernal Devices with any adaptation (movie, tv), as they haven’t done the best job with the Mortal Instruments – or at least that’s what I heard, as I haven’t read those books yet. XD
      Yeah, I just couldn’t get behind Divergent, especially not enough to continue with the trilogy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wouldn’t it just? That’s exactly what I want to read! (all three of those!!) me too!! Also the Marauders are my favourite characters- and they lived through the darkest times with Voldremorts rise to power- so that would be the best.
        Yeah- that’s totally true- especially, as you said, they’ve not done a great job with Mortal Instruments (and that was probably easier to adapt). I think I’d die if they ruined Will and Tessa :/
        yeah- it’s a good decision- I wasted too much time with those books :/

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        1. I agree! Marauders would be the best. Plus I would want them to have a Sirius point of view (or something like that) because I would love to see his family, as they were/are one of the darkest out there. (And we haven’t seen much about that.)
          SAME! I couldn’t handle them ruining Tessa and Will (or any character from that trilogy). 😦

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    1. Honestly I don’t care what HP sequel / spin off series we get, I just want one! XD I need more stories from that world. Though I agree, it would be amazing to see the aftermath of the war and the rebuilding of the Wizarding world. 😀
      Glad you agree! They would be amazing!


  2. Nice list! I loved The Night Circus and would have loved to see more of that world..
    I totally agree with you on Divergent. The first book was good but I couldn’t get passed the first quarter of the second book…
    I guess one can count “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” trilogy kind of a spin off “films” for Harry Potter.. Can’t wait to see it..

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    1. Thank you! The Night Circus is really wonderful. ❤
      YES, I'm soooo exited for that movie to come out! It's going to be fantastic (at least I hope so). Well, at least we are getting that, but I would love a book series in the Harry Potter world. 🙂

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    1. Hahaha, I’m pretty sure that’s the case! I don’t know anyone who likes Mal or that they ended up together. XD
      Yes, the middle one is especially bad! The only thing I like about them is that they are white, and I love the way white books look on my bookshelf.


  3. I really want to read The Book Thief! Agggggh I have no idea why I haven’t picked it up yet. Omg the Infernal Devices series is soooo good. ❤ Ahah having a Harry Potter spin-off would be totally awesome! (I'd love it especially if it featured some of the characters of HP haha). 🙂 Great answers!

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  4. I would kill for a spin-off series from Harry Potter – I bet the marauders have so many brilliant stories which any fan would love to read ❤ also you're not alone in wishing that Alina had ended up with someone else since I was never a fan of the one she chose but the other had me hook, line and sinker! Unlike in The Infernal Devices where I love both Will & Jem to pieces. The series could make a great TV show but I wouldn't trust that it wouldn't disappoint O.O
    Enchanted by YA

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    1. YES! The Marauders surely have many amazing stories and I would love to read about them! ❤ There are many people who don't agree with the person who Alina ended up with. I adore both Will and Jem! (Though Will a bit more.) 😀 They are the only "love triangle" that I like. Yes, they would most likely disappoint us. :/


  5. We seem to have similar opinions! XD I didn’t like Divergent either… Thought the Percy Jackson movies could have been SO much better and am hoping against hope J.K. decides to write a spin-off at some point hahaha
    The only thing I don’t agree with is on who Alina ended up with. I actually was rooting for them as a couple so I was quite happy with the way it turned out! 🙂 I know I’m in the minority, though.
    Great answers, Anna! ^^

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    1. Yeah, Divergent was disappointing. YESS the Percy Jackson movies could have been freaking amazing. I wish they were done more like the Harry Potter ones, where the actors were around the actual age of the characters. Well, nothing we can do about that. XD
      Wow, I don’t actually know anyone who was rooting for that couple! Well, now I know you. 😉 Everything is personal preference, at least you got the end pairing that you wanted!
      Thank you!! ❤


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