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Where I Have Been | (+ Pictures Of My Bookshelf) || Life Update

Hello everyone! I have missed you all soooo much! ❀


It’s been ages since I have written anything (or at least that’s the way it feels), so I apologize in advance for being a bit rusty. (And probably rambling a lot more than I should, but that happens all the time…sooo basically just ignore me.)

Anyway, I’M BACK!

Where was I? What have I been doing? Have I been reading?

(Obviously the most important questions.)

Well, that’s what this post is for! I’m just going to tell you why I haven’t posted anything lately and why I was very inactive! (I have SOOOOO many comments and posts to catch up to, it’s seriously ridiculous. I’M SOOOO SORRY that I kept you waiting with my responses, but I shall get to that once I finish writing this post.)


I was moving to a new dorm (I just needed the change, though I’m still living in Vienna) and that took me AGES! I own waaaay too many things, though in my mind I need everything that I have. (Plus I had a ton of books to move as well, you can most likely understand my struggle with that.) Organizing everything and cleaning my room took me an eternity, but now I’m super happy with how everything looks! πŸ˜€ That’s basically where I was – moving and cleaning (plus I had no internet for 4 or so days – yes, it was a torture). BUT now that’s over and I’M BACK!

Here is also my bookshelf (as I did mention in the title that there would be pictures), yes I have to double stack as I don’t have space for another bookshelf, so I’m doing what I can! And those are basically all the books that I have in my dorm room, not counting those on my Kindle. (Yes, I have waaaay to many here.)

I have been reading while I was away and I have finished a few books (Actually pretty happy with myself on that front). There are also quiet a few reviews that I need finish writing. Sooo look forward to that! πŸ™‚

I’m just getting back into blogging and I have missed it A TON! Even though it hasn’t been that long since I last posted anything. I’m very much looking forward to writing more and talking to all of you once again!

Thank you all for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day.



20 thoughts on “Where I Have Been | (+ Pictures Of My Bookshelf) || Life Update

  1. Welcome back Anna! I can’t wait to see your reviews and the books you’ve been reading while you’ve been away.
    Also the pictures of your bookshelf are gorgeous. I’m going to need to start double stacking my books soon because I’m running out of room and I don’t have space for another bookshelf either! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you! πŸ˜€
      And thank you once more! ❀ Hahaha, double stacking is really needed at some point. Especially when you don't have the space for more bookshelves. (I can't even imagine how much space I would need if I had brought all my books with me…)

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      1. I am currently reading Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald for a book club, but I’m not super into it, sadly… so I’m also reading Squire (Protector of the Small #3) by Tamora Pierce. A strong female protagonist middle grade fantasy novel. I adore Tamora Pierce’s writing.

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        1. I see. I have only read two books by F. Scott Fitzgerald and my favourite is definitely The Great Gatsby. (I don’t think I’ll read anything else by him though.) I have read some of Tamora Pierce books ages ago and I loved them! πŸ™‚ Her female protagonists are awesome.


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