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400+ Followers Thank You!!! || And a little update (rant).

After a few days of not being able to access my blog (or the internet in general) I come back to find out that I have reached over 400 followers.

WHAT?! When did that happen? HOW did that happen?!


I’m seriously speechless right now. I can’t believe that there are this many people that are interested in my blog and what I have to say.


I seriously can’t thank you enough! You are all amazing and wonderful and I love you all sooo much!


Now onto the little rant, or update, or whatever it turns out to be.

This past week wasn’t the best one for me. Sigh. I’m really glad that it’s over now. Why? What was happening?

  • I was sick for 5 days. Nothing too serious, it was just a cold. But it was annoying as hell, as I had a headache nearly every day. Plus I didn’t feel like doing anything aside from sleeping. It’s a good thing that university hasn’t started for me yet, which meant that I could relax as much as I wanted.
  • My laptop broke down. And it has been broken for a week now. (Yes, it was as bad as it sounds!) I was able to fix it a bit (as I’m using it at the moment), but it’s really limited at the moment. I don’t freaking have any audio at the moment and I can’t access any of my files. It’s basically a huge mess. I NEED to get a new laptop soon. (And hopefully I will!)

  • I also didn’t have any internet for a few days. Or rather it was super limited and I could only access some basic stuff. This I managed to fix completely and I’m very proud of myself for managing to fix it on my own! And I have quiet a few comments and posts to catch up to, so that’s what I will be doing tonight. (Sorry for the wait!)

So that’s what has been going on recently in my life. Hopefully, now that I’m finally healthy and that I (kinda) got my laptop to work, everything will go better from now on!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!



39 thoughts on “400+ Followers Thank You!!! || And a little update (rant).

  1. Firstly, all the congratulations for coming all this way! You definitely deserve it – all your content is so amazing! I am so glad that you’re feeling better, I hope everything else turns out okay! My laptop isn’t working either! It started getting really bad a while ago, I fixed it and now it has started now working AGAIN. AHHH the pains! Again CONGRATUALATIONS!

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