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Standalone Sunday: ‘Salem’s Lot


Standalone Sunday is a weekly feature created by Megan @bookslayerReads that allows us to feature books, that are not part of a series, that we loved.

‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Stephen King

‘Salem’s Lot is a small New England town with the usual quota of gossips, drinkers, weirdos and respectable folk. Of course there are tales of strange happenings—but not more than in any other town its size.

Ben Mears, a moderately successful writer, returns to the Lot to write a novel based on his early years, and to exorcise the terrors that have haunted him since childhood. The event he witnessed in the house now rented by a new resident. A newcomer with a strange allure. A man who causes Ben some unease as things start to happen: a child disappears, a dog is brutally killed—nothing unusual, except the list starts to grow.

Soon surprise will turn to bewilderment, bewilderment to confusion and finally to terror . . .

I have mentioned before on my blog how much I adore the works of Stephen King. So far I have read 14 of his books so far and I have enjoyed the majority of them. I do plan on reading many more of his works in the future. But today, let’s talk about the first ever Stephen King book I read and the one that made me fall in love with his stories. Let’s talk about ‘Salem’s Lot!

I was always a big fan of horror movies and creepy stuff in general. Many people have said to me that Stephen King’s books are very scary and that I would enjoy them. So I decided to read something by him. I honestly had no idea where to start with his books, as there were a ton of them and many sounded interesting to me. I picked up ‘Salem’s Lot at random, as it drew me in the most when I read it’s description.

Yes, the first book I read by Stephen King was over 1000 pages long. But in the end I’m very glad that I decided to read this one first. I fell in love with it from the beginning and it seriously creeped me out, which I loved. I love the way Stephen King tells stories and creates characters. I’m also aware that his books aren’t for everyone, as the tend to be quiet scary and gory. So read this book at your own risk!

Have you read ‘Salem’s Lot? What did you think of it?

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day!


35 thoughts on “Standalone Sunday: ‘Salem’s Lot

    1. No it isn’t! 😉 Though it’s never late to read something by him. I would recommend starting with The Shining, after all it’s one of his most acclaimed books and it isn’t a thousand pages long like many of his other books. Also 11/22/63 is good, especially if you enjoy historical fiction and conspiracy theories.

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  1. Awesome recommendation, Anna! No, I haven’t read this one, but I’ve always wanted to. The length has always intimidated me. I really, really love a good horror novel, especially if it’s scary and gory. There aren’t many books like that, from my experience, so if you say it’s like that, then it makes me wanna read it even more!!

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    1. Thank you Megan! 🙂 Stephen King’s books are definitely both scary and gory so I can only recommend them. I haven’t actually read that many horror books outside of King’s, no idea why that is. The length is seriously impressive, though if you haven’t read The Shining by him I would greatly recommend it – it’s probably my second all time favourite King book, plus it’s not that long either!

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  2. I hear so many great things about this particular King book! Really hyped to check it out (as soon as I find a pretty little edition!). My first (and only, for now) book from King was The Gunslinger and I was truly immersed and fascinated by what King can do (it wasn’t even one of his traditional horror stories too!!). Nice pick for the feature! 😀

    – Lashaan

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    1. It’s seriously a great book, no wonder you heard much about it! I hope you manage to find a pretty edition and I hope you end up liking it as much as I did! 😀 I haven’t actually read The Gunslinger yet, no idea why…as that’s his fantasy series and fantasy being my favourite genre. I definitely need to change that. I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed it, it makes me even more exited to read it!! Thank you! 🙂

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  3. I personally don’t do horror– I tried to read Stephen King once and just the first few chapters gave me nightmares! No thank you. But I’m so glad that you shared your story! It’s great to hear about how bloggers find their favorite authors. I’m impressed that you picked up a 1000+ page books as your first entry to King’s works. Very brave!

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    1. I can totally understand that, horror really isn’t for everyone! His book give me nightmares as well, but I love that about them. (I love to scare myself apparently!) I love hearing about favourite authors as well and especially how people got into their works!
      Well, I think I was around 14 when I read this book and then I didn’t care about how many books I read per month and how slow/fast I managed to get through a book soooo picking it up didn’t seem that intimidating. Now though, I’m seriously hesitant to pick up huge books, as I know it will take me ages to get through them – I always put long books off. Definitely trying to change that this year though! 🙂

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  4. Great pick for this week Anna, and I guess given how much you love Stephen King it was about time your featured one of his books as your Standalone Sunday pick! 😀
    Honestly as much as he is an iconic author I don’t think I’d ever be able to read one of his horror book. He has a time travel one (if I’m thinking of the right author) that I’ve added onto my to-read list though, I guess that will have to do for now! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Beth! 🙂 It was seriously time that I feature one of his books. Though I’m sure I’ll be featuring more of his books in the future as well!
      I totally understand that. Horror isn’t really a genre that everyone can enjoy. Yeah, it’s called 11/22/63 – if we are thinking about the same book! 😀

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  5. Last year around Halloween I wanted to finally give Stephen King’s books a read and this is the one I wanted to read but then I couldn’t find it at the bookstore. I was sad lol. I’m definitely going to have to try to find a copy this year because I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. Great pick, Anna!! 😁

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    1. It’s too bad that you couldn’t find this book last year! It would have been an fantastic Halloween read, as are most of his books. 😀 I seriously hope that you will be able to find it this year and that you will enjoy it as much as I did! Thank you Melissa! 🙂

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  6. I really need to try reading some of Stephen King’s books. I love a good horror book every now and then. I think the only reason I haven’t read any of his books is because most of them are soooo long and I’m too intimidated by their length, haha. I think around Halloween this year I might force myself to pick one up though!

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    1. Well, seeing that he is one of my favourite authors I can only recommend you his books, especially since you love horror! 🙂 And I have to agree, most of his books are intimidating as they are VERY long. I would recommend you to start with The Shining, as it’s one of my favourite books and it isn’t that long. (Or Carrie, if you want something even shorter.) I hope you enjoy his books, when you get around to them!

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      1. I was thinking of starting with Carrie since another blogger told me that’s actually short, haha. I’m hoping I’ll like his writing enough that once I’ve read it, I won’t mind that his books are so long. Thanks for the recs 🙂

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