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I have become a Book Depository Affiliate!! || I’M BEYOND EXITED!!

Yes, you have read the title of this post right!!

I have become a Book Depository Affiliate!

I’m soooo happy that I got approved for it, I couldn’t be more exited. I’m still not fully comprehending the fact that it actually happened!


You can support me by buying books from My Affiliate Link and there is a button on the side of my blog which you can use as well.

A story about me and The Book Depository!

(As I don’t have much more to say about this announcement.)

When I was around 14 or 15 I wanted to start reading books in English. I have always loved that language and I wanted to improve my knowledge of it (as I felt it could be a lot better than it was), plus there were A TON of books I was interested in that weren’t translated sooo I couldn’t read them. (And who the hell knows when the translations would come out?!)

I’m originally from a small non-English speaking country where it’s nearly impossible to get books in English – either they aren’t being sold or they are over expensive (and I mean two to three times the original amount it cost). Ordering it online was impossible as well, as the shipping costs were simply ridiculous. There’s no way I could afford to buy myself the books I wanted, my family wasn’t poor or anything like that but we wasn’t that well of either. So it was a real struggle getting my hands on the books I wanted to read.

Then I discovered Book Depository and I couldn’t believe that it was real!! As soon as I found out that it has free shipping and that it ships to my country I was over the moon about it! It couldn’t have been more perfect!! Ever since then I have been ordering from the Book Depository, so for over 6 years now. So getting approved as an affiliate for that site still seems unbelievable to me. 

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day.



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