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I finally get out of my reading slump, but it’s not that apparent. || March Wrap Up


I swear this year just started and somehow we are already in the fourth month. I have nooo idea how time flies by so fast! A good thing that it’s April: the spring weather is finally here and I’m LIVING for it!! Spring is my favourites season, so I’m very glad that it has come around.

How was my life in March? Honestly not much happened, well aside from classes starting again. So I spent time in classes and I also met up with my university friends.

Now I shall explain the title of this post for you. YES, I’m finally out of my reading slump!! (Though I don’t think I even mentioned it on my blog, so I’m unsure if you even know I was in one.) From the end of February till the weekend before this one (25. and 26. March) I wasn’t reading anything. I just couldn’t concentrate on ANY book and I just didn’t want to read. And I didn’t read anything, which I found incredibly frustrating. THEN that weekend I suddenly felt like reading and till the end of the month I finished 3 books. (In 7 days I read 3 books – which is a rather big achievement for me, as I haven’t been reading that much this year.) I’m beyond exited that I’m in a reading mood again and I sincerely hope that it will continue!

I have realised three things while writing this post:

  • I have started writing these posts at the beginning of the following month and not at the end of the talked about month. Surprisingly it’s not bothering me.
  • I have done A TON of tags and awards this month.
  • I seriously need to make some graphics for these wrap up posts. And yes, I was too lazy to do it for this one – but hopefully I will make them for the next one!

Okay. I have seriously rambled enough. Sorry about that! Now, let’s finally get into the three books that I read this month!


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

5 out of 5 stars

Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice is one of my all time favourite books! And this was obviously a reread for me, I believe that this is the third time that I have read this book. (Just a random fact that I thought I would mention.)

It was simply amazing getting to read this story again. I just love the way it’s written and it was just what I needed to get me out of the slump I was in – rereading an old favourite. It was also wonderful to read about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy again, as you may know they are my all time favourite book couple. All in all I’m really happy that I decided to reread this book when I did. Plus now I finally own a physical copy of this book and I’m very exited about that!

Miss Treadway & the Field of Stars by Miranda Emmerson

2.5 out of 5 stars

Well, this book and I did not get along that much. I really enjoyed it in the beginning, but as the story continued I got more and more bored. And by the end I just stopped caring about everything. I plan on posting a full review for this one some time soon, so look forward to that if you want to know more of my thoughts!

Miss Treadway
Out Endless Numbered Days
by Claire Fuller

3.5 out of 5 stars

Our Endless Numbered DaysThis was such an interesting book and unlike anything that I have read before. The whole premise of the book sounded both fascinating and horrifying. And ever since I found out about this book I knew I had to read it, as I was VERY interested to see what was going to happen and how.

And while this book was interesting and unique it was also very boring for most of the middle part. The beginning and ending were definitely my favourite, but the middle of the book just dragged on and I got bored of it rather fast. I didn’t particularly care for any of the characters either. There were many things that I didn’t see coming and I enjoyed that a lot as well.





How was your March? Did you have a good reading month?

Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful day!



21 thoughts on “I finally get out of my reading slump, but it’s not that apparent. || March Wrap Up

  1. I understand why you like Pride and Prejudice, but that’s like the kind of book that’s going to take me three months to read MINIMUM hahaha I don’t know, but classics and I, we’re on a war path with each other. It’s a mystery as to how that happened …

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    1. I usually read classics slow as well, aside from when I’m rereading one. Jane Austen is one of the few where I fly through the book. I think most people can’t get into classics because of all the assigned reading that they had to do for school. I do still feel like I’m reading for school whenever I pick up a classic!

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  2. Congrats on getting our of your reading slump! It’s always great when you break out of the slump. I so wish I had the time to read Pride & Prejudice because I’ve been wanting to but normally it can take me over a month to read a classic, I get distracted too easily even when I’m enjoying them lol. In Feb though I watched the movie three times in one day. I can never watch the movie just once when I watch it 😂. Anyway! I hope you have a fantastic month in April, Anna!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Melissa! I’m very happy that I’m finally out of the reading slump. 😀 Well, I hope that you’ll get to read Pride and Prejudice some time in the future!! And I understand, reading classics takes me a rather long time as well. Thank you! I hope you have a fantastic April as well! ❤

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  3. Yay! Congrats on getting rid of that slump! Also, 3 books in 7 days? Sometimes that’s more than what I read in a month. My best friend also loves Pride and Prejudice to bits, but I just cannot seem to get into it just yet. Oh well, maybe one of these days.

    Cheers and I hope you have a great April ahead! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bianca! 😀 Yeah, I’m really surprised – I have no idea how I managed to read that many in a week. Well, hopefully you’ll be able to get into it! Though it’s understandable if you can’t, classics are really hit or miss with most people.
      Thank you! I hope you have a great April as well! 😀


  4. I definitely agree with you on how this year is going so fast Anna. I can’t believe we’re already at April, it feels like it should be the beginning of March at least! Also congrats on getting out of your reading slump. Three books in seven days is amazing, although it seems like the only one you really really enjoyed was Pride and Prejudice. I have that on my to-read list, trying to see if I enjoy classics now I’m not reading them at school, and I hope I enjoy it as much as you did.
    I hope you have a fantastic April as well Anna, I’m guessing you’ve got a fair few books on your to-read list now you’re out of your reading slump! 😀

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    1. Thank you! I’m beyond happy to finally be out of the reading slump! Yeah, Pride and Prejudice was definitely the highlight of the reading I did that week. I really hope you enjoy it as well, after all it’s one of my favourite books! 🙂
      Thank you! I hope you have a fantastic April as well! 😀 And yes, I have quiet a few books I want to read this month. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to all of them.

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      1. That’s all right, and yeah I can imagine. I always felt the way whenever I came out of a huge reading slump (but I can only really remember being in one really massive one!)
        Here’s hoping, I’ll have to let you know what I think when I finish either way if it’s a favourite of yours.
        I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but either way I hope your April will be much better than your March, no matter how many books you get through! 🙂

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