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A Mortal Song by Megan Crewe || ARC Review

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher (through NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

A Mortal SongTitle: A Mortal Song

Author: Megan Crewe

Published: 13. September 2016.

Edition: Another World Press

                Kindle Edition, 382 pages

Genre: Fantasy | Young Adult | Mythology


Sora’s life was full of magic—until she discovered it was all a lie.

Heir to Mt. Fuji’s spirit kingdom, Sora yearns to finally take on the sacred kami duties. But just as she confronts her parents to make a plea, a ghostly army invades the mountain. Barely escaping with her life, Sora follows her mother’s last instructions to a heart-wrenching discovery: she is a human changeling, raised as a decoy while her parents’ true daughter remained safe but unaware in modern-day Tokyo. Her powers were only borrowed, never her own. Now, with the world’s natural cycles falling into chaos and the ghosts plotting an even more deadly assault, it falls on her to train the unprepared kami princess.

As Sora struggles with her emerging human weaknesses and the draw of an unanticipated ally with secrets of his own, she vows to keep fighting for her loved ones and the world they once protected. But for one mortal girl to make a difference in this desperate war between the spirits, she may have to give up the only home she’s ever known.

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◄ 4 OUT OF 5 STARS ►


This story takes place in modern day Japan, but with magical and mythological elements woven into the story. I love reading stories that are set in Japan! I’m very interested in the culture and mythology of that place. So seeing both portrayed within this book was amazing! I loved seeing kami and their interactions with humans and humanity in general. I definitely need to puck up more books that are set in Japan!


The characters within this story were very fascinating. I loved that we got to see the difference between the human characters and the kami characters, as the story progressed. It was very interesting seeing how similar they are to each other and yet how different.

The main character of this story and the character whose perspective we follow is Sora. She was such an amazing character and definitely my favourite within this story. She was so strong and brave – I simply loved her for it. She was also very flawed and I enjoyed that about her a lot as well – it made her feel a lot more real. She grew throughout the story and learned from her mistakes. She was simply a delight to read about.

The other characters were interesting as well, but none stood out to me as much as Sora. Though I do have to say that I liked all the characters, each one felt unique in their own way and they grew on me as the story progressed.


The story and pacing were very well done, in my opinion. There were many twists and turns, some of which I expected (I actually guessed one of the main ones) and some which I didn’t. I very much enjoyed reading the adventure of Sora and seeing her, and her friends, struggles throughout the book.

My biggest problem with this story was the romance. I just felt that it was unnecessary and the story would have been absolutely fine without it. I don’t feel that the romance brought anything to the story, rather it distanced me from the book from time to time. This would have been a lot better were it simply a story about an adventure. The friendships in this story were amazing! I loved seeing how much each character cared about the others, it was simply amazing to read about.


This book was really fun to read! The characters were amazing, Sora’s development throughout the story impressed me a lot. The romance within this book was simply unnecessary and it was the biggest problem that I had with it. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!

Have you read A Mortal Song? What did you think of this book?

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope that you have a wonderful day!


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11 thoughts on “A Mortal Song by Megan Crewe || ARC Review

  1. This book is 100% on my TBR. I also love reading books set in Japan. I am really intrigued by how modern and mythological aspects will be connected. It’s a shame that we have unnecessary romance, however. I get so frustrated with that– particularly in fantasy, sci-fi, and action stories. Ugh! Great review, Anna!

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    1. Books set in Japan are always interesting to read! It’s really a shame about the romance. And I get frustrated with it as well in science fiction, fantasy and other action stories. I seriously wish there were more books without romance, or at least that the romance isn’t one of the main aspects. Thank you!! 🙂 I hope you enjoy this book as well, once you get around to it!


  2. This one has been on my TBR for the longest time, even thought most reviews I have read for it are generally positive! I haven’t read many books set in Japan, let alone feudal Japan, and I’d love to read more. I wish romance wasn’t always a factor, especially if the friendships are strong and much more engaging 🙂 Even so, this one does sound like a really fun read. Lovely review, Anna!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I have also seen generally positive reviews for this book. I can only recommend this book, it was very good! Though it’s set in modern day Japan and not feudal Japan. The friendships were great, I loved seeing how the friendships grew throughout the story! 🙂 Thank you Azia!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah I didn’t catch that “modern-day Japan” in the blurb! The cover threw me off for a sec haha. But I haven’t read a book set in modern day Japan at all, so that’s even better! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This definitely makes me want to read something with Japanese culture in it. Too often do we see them romances come ruin things when the story could’ve been sooo fine without it. Great review, Anna! Glad to see you still managed to enjoy this one! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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