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Crossroads of Canopy by Thoraiya Dyer || ARC Review

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher (through NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Crossroads of Canopy

Title: Crossroads of Canopy

( Titan’s Forest #1 )

Author: Thoraiya Dyer

Published: 31. January 2017

Edition: Tor Books

Kindle Edition, 320 pages

Genre: Fantasy | Adult | Magic


At the highest level of a giant forest, thirteen kingdoms fit seamlessly together to form the great city of Canopy. Thirteen goddesses and gods rule this realm and are continuously reincarnated into human bodies. Canopy’s position in the sun, however, is not without its dark side. The nation’s opulence comes from the labor of slaves, and below its fruitful boughs are two other realms: Understorey and Floor, whose deprived citizens yearn for Canopy’s splendor.

Unar, a determined but destitute young woman, escapes her parents’ plot to sell her into slavery by being selected to serve in the Garden under the goddess Audblayin, ruler of growth and fertility. As a Gardener, she yearns to become Audblayin’s next Bodyguard while also growing sympathetic towards Canopy’s slaves.

When Audblayin dies, Unar sees her opportunity for glory – at the risk of descending into the unknown dangers of Understorey to look for a newborn god. In its depths, she discovers new forms of magic, lost family connections, and murmurs of a revolution that could cost Unar her chance…or grant it by destroying the home she loves.

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◄ 1 OUT OF 5 STARS ►

The premise of this book sounded very interesting. The world sounded intriguing and the story seemed promising as well. Sadly this book just didn’t reach any of the expectations I had. I really didn’t like this book and it was a chore finishing it. (I’m really glad to be done with it now.)

The writing in this reminded me of fairy tales and it’s one of the only aspects that I enjoyed from this story. While the writing was beautiful, the way the story was told was very confusing – especially in the beginning. Some of the descriptions were beautiful, while others felt bloated. The pacing of the story was off as well, it just didn’t flow well and towards the middle I was really bored with this book.

My biggest problem with this story is the main character, Unar. She is one of the most dislikable protagonists that I have ever read about! She was so childish and got angry at the most idiotic things possible. She was also very prejudiced and rude. She only cared about herself and had no understanding for anyone around her. She constantly thought that she was better than anyone else and it was very frustrating to read.

Another problem that I encountered was that Unar kept constantly thinking about sex and who she wants to sleep with (I’m not kidding, it felt as if 90 % of the book was about that) and how it’s unfair that she had to take a chastity vow. I’m asexual and reading all of that made me beyond uncomfortable. The descriptions were very awkward and disgusting, like the author didn’t know how to properly write “sensual” scenes. I really could have done without them.

The story was kind of interesting, but having Unar constantly complain about sex and how no one sees how amazing she is (I’m not kidding) made me not enjoy the story either. Unar’s thoughts kept bringing me out of the story, especially since she made me angry with her way of thinking. Honestly I just wanted to be done with this book.

Overall, I really disliked this book – as you can tell by my review (rant). I wouldn’t recommend Crossroads of Canopy, it just wasn’t good and you could be reading much better books.

Have you read Crossroads of Canopy? What did you think of it?

Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you have an amazing day!


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