about me

  • My name is Anna…Okay, not really it’s just a nickname. (Seriously a great start.)
  • Languages that I can speak: English, German, Serbian.
  • I’m currently doing a Bachelor in History of Art.
  • I identify as asexual, in case you were curious about that.
  • My personality type is apparently INTJ-T, if that means something to you.
  • I’m a Slytherin and I have always been a Slytherin.


Where you can find me:

  • TWITTER – Just all of my random thoughts and things that happen in my life.
  • GOODREADS – Where you can keep track of the books I read.
  • NANOWRIMO – For my writing during the National Novel Writing Month.
  • INSTAGRAM – For my art. Not yet in use, but hopefully soon.
  • TUMBLR – My tumblr is entirely dedicated to anime and manga.
  • MYANIMELIST – Where you can see the anime that I watch and manga that I read.

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