about me

  • My name is Anna…Okay, not really it’s just a nickname. (Seriously a great start.)
  • I’m 22 years old at the moment.
  • I live in Austria where I’m going to university. (No, I was not born there.)
  • Languages that I can speak: English, German, Serbian.
  • Currently learning: Italian and Japanese. (It’s a work in progress.)
  • I identify as asexual, in case you were curious about that. (And heteroromantic.)
  • My personality type is apparently INTJ-T, if that means something to you.
  • I’m a Slytherin and I have always been a Slytherin.


Some things that I LOVE to do:

  • reading and books

This one is quiet obvious really, just look at the name of my blog and the content that I post. My favourite genre to read is fantasy, it has always been and it will always be. I simply love getting immersed in new worlds and escaping reality.

  • drawing and painting

I have always loved doing both of those, ever since I was very little. I’m a little rusty in this department, as I haven’t been drawing or painting much lately – I was simply too busy. Now I’m finally making time to paint and draw again!

  • writing

I have always loved writing. I simply love creating new stories, worlds and characters. I have never written a full novel before (only short stories and novellas), but I do have a project in mind that I plan on starting soon.

  • anime and manga

Ever since I was little I loved watching anime and reading manga. Nothing has changed since then, I still love doing both. I’m reading less manga now, as I tend to pick books over them. Though I’m still watching a lot of anime!

  • art

This might already be obvious by the fact that I love drawing and painting. I’m simply fascinated by art, which is also the reason that I’m studying Art History at university. I adore going to museums, palaces and other historical places.

  • and many other random things.

Where you can find me:

  • TWITTER – I’m the most active here, aside from my blog obviously.
  • GOODREADS – Where you can keep track of the books I read.
  • TUMBLR – My tumblr is entirely dedicated to anime and manga.
  • MYANIMELIST – Where you can keep track of anime I watch and manga that I read.
  • PINTEREST – [ Not in use at the current moment. ]
  • INSTAGRAM – [ Not in use at the current moment. ]
  • YOUTUBE – I don’t actually post anything there, I just have a channel.

I’m a Book Depository Affiliate as well! 

So if you wish to support me, consider purchasing books using my affiliate link!


204 thoughts on “about me

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m also a book blogger (with a side of personal blogging), but I’m also asexual and into anime. I’ll be looking forward to your future posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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