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Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire || Book Review

Every Heart a DoorwayTitle: Beneath the Sugar Sky

           ( Wayward Children #3 )

Author: Seanan McGuire

Published: 9. January 2018

Edition: Tor

                 Hardcover, 174 pages

Genre: Fantasy | Young Adult


Beneath the Sugar Sky returns to Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. At this magical boarding school, children who have experienced fantasy adventures are reintroduced to the “real” world.

Sumi died years before her prophesied daughter Rini could be born. Rini was born anyway, and now she’s trying to bring her mother back from a world without magic.

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◄ 5 OUT OF 5 STARS ►

I have full reviews for the first two book in this series as well, if you are interested in more of my thoughts on them.

Wow. These books just keep getting better and better. I completely adored this story and the characters within.

The first book in the series, Every Heart a Doorway, was a story of coming from a fantasy world back “home”. The second book, Down Among the Sticks and Bones, was about going to a fantasy world, adjusting to it and trying to build a life there. And the third book, Beneath the Sugar Sky, is about a combination of both. It is set in the real world and it focuses on a character coming into it who was born in a fantasy world. It was a fascinating concept and very well done. Not that I expected anything less.

In every review that I write for this series I mention how much I adore the characters within these stories. Beneath the Sugar Sky was no exception to that! We got to follow some already familiar characters, while a few new ones were introduced as well. I seriously find all of them interesting and I’m beyond happy that we got to revisit some of the characters from the first book.

As with all the books in this series, the character were diverse (in different ways) and greatly portrayed. For example, one of the characters that was introduced was disabled and another fat. Cora, the fat character, was wonderful! I related to her so much, it was seriously great to feel represented as I don’t often (or ever) read about fat characters. There were moments I teared up as well.

The story in Beneath the Sugar Sky was exiting, fast paced and fascinating. I couldn’t put the book down, I just needed to know what was going to happen next. The story felt like a scavenger hunt and I enjoyed every moment of it. I seriously can’t wait for the next book in this series to be released! And I hope that Seanan McGuire published many more books in this wonderful series.

Obviously I would recommend this series to everyone. It is, after all, one of my all time favourites.

Have you read Beneath the Sugar Sky? Did you enjoy it? What was your favourite moment in the book? Do let me know!

Thank you very much for reading my review. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire || Book Review

31450908Title: Down Among the Sticks and Bones

( Wayward Children #2 )

Author: Seanan McGuire

Published: 13. June 2017

Edition: Tor

Hardcover, 189 pages

Genre: Fantasy | Young Adult


Twin sisters Jack and Jill were seventeen when they found their way home and were packed off to Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children.

This is the story of what happened first…

Jacqueline was her mother’s perfect daughter—polite and quiet, always dressed as a princess. If her mother was sometimes a little strict, it’s because crafting the perfect daughter takes discipline.

Jillian was her father’s perfect daughter—adventurous, thrill-seeking, and a bit of a tom-boy. He really would have preferred a son, but you work with what you’ve got.

They were five when they learned that grown-ups can’t be trusted.

They were twelve when they walked down the impossible staircase and discovered that the pretense of love can never be enough to prepare you a life filled with magic in a land filled with mad scientists and death and choices.

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◄ 5 OUT OF 5 STARS ►

I have a full review for the first book in this series as well, if you are interested in more of my thoughts on it.

I didn’t think I could love a book set in this world more than I already loved Every Heart a Doorway. Down Among the Sticks and Bones took me completely by surprised (in the best way possible) and I ended up loving it even more than the first one. Everything that was so great about the first book just got improved and new elements were added in that I very much enjoyed.

The first book, Every Heart a Doorway, is a story about coming back to the real world and trying to fit in once again, after spending a lot of time in a fantastical one. Down Among the Sticks and Bones is the complete opposite of that. In this book we follow two characters as they explore a completely new world and try to adjust to their new lives. I found it to be a fascinating contrast to the first book!

The characters are still the strongest part of this series. I was already intrigued by Jack and Jill, from the first book, and when I found out this second book would be focusing on them I was ecstatic! I just wanted to know more about them and how they turned out to be the way they are. Down Among the Sticks and Bones did not disappoint in that department. I got the backstory that I desired, while the characters also got more fleshed out. In case you were wondering, Jack is my favourite character from this book.

I also enjoyed all the other side characters and I was fascinated by the relationships that Jack and Jill had with them. I’m especially happy with the romantic relationship that Jack had with a local village girl. I just loved how their relationship was included without dragging away the attention from the “main story“. A character that I’m even more intrigued about, after reading this story, is Dr. Bleak. I seriously hope that we will learn more about him in the future books! (There are so many questions that I have about him.)

Overall, this book was wonderful and I LOVED it! I would obviously recommend this series to everyone, seeing as it’s one of my new favourites.

Have you read Down Among the Sticks and Bones? Did you enjoy it? What was your favourite moment in the book? Do let me know!

Thank you very much for reading my review. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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The Boy from Tomorrow by Camille DeAngelis || ARC Review

DisclaimerI received this book from the publisher (through NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The Boy from Tomorrow

Title: The Boy from Tomorrow

Author: Camille DeAngelis

Published: 8. May 2018

Edition: Amberjack Publishing

Kindle Edition, 268 pages

Genre: Middle Grade | Historical Fiction | Science Fiction


Josie and Alec both live at 444 Sparrow Street. They sleep in the same room, but they’ve never laid eyes on each other. They are twelve years old and a hundred years apart.

The children meet through a hand-painted talking board—Josie in 1915, Alec in 2015—and form a friendship across the century that separates them. But a chain of events leave Josie and her little sister Cass trapped in the house and afraid for their safety, and Alec must find out what’s going to happen to them.

Can he help them change their future when it’s already past?

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◄ 3.5 OUT OF 5 STARS ►

The Boy from Tomorrow was simply a heartwarming and charming story. That is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this book. There is just something wonderful about the friendship formed between a boy and a girl from different times. Anyway, with that being said lets get into more of my thoughts on the book!

The writing style within this book was very easy to fall into. The descriptions painted a nice picture and I could imagine the places where everything was happening easily. Also, the transition between the time periods in the different chapters was done seamlessly. At times the writing did feel a bit simple, but that is due to the fact that this book is a middle grade and it isn’t something that bothered me (I just wanted to have mentioned it as well).

The main characters were definitely the highlight of this book. I enjoyed following both Alec and Josie and learning more about them. I very much enjoyed their interactions with other characters, but especially with each other. They were very well fleshed out, along with Cassie, Josie’s sister, and their tutor Emily. The secondary characters I found rather lacking and two dimensional. I would have loved for some of them to be more fleshed out, especially the parents.

Another thing that bothered me was the few things that were hinted at in both Alec’s and Josie’s past, but never actually explained or developed – particularly in Alec’s case. (I can’t go into exact details about this, because of spoilers.) My biggest problem with this book is the time of the story. There weren’t clear breaks within the narrative, it just felt like the events were running together. The made the story feel a bit choppy.

Overall I really liked this book. It was charming and it explored a beautiful friendship with two children from different times. I would definitely recommend you to check this book out, if the synopsis sounds interesting to you! It’s definitely worth the read.

Have you read The Boy from Tomorrow? What did you think of this book?

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope that you have a wonderful day!


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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare || Book Review

WARNING: This review contains spoilers for the first book and second book of the series.


Title: City of Glass

The Mortal Instruments #3 )

Author: Cassandra Clare

First published: 24. March 2009

Edition: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Paperback, 592 pages

Genre: Fantasy | Young Adult | Paranormal


To save her mother’s life, Clary must travel to the City of Glass, the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters — never mind that entering the city without permission is against the Law, and breaking the Law could mean death. To make things worse, she learns that Jace does not want her there, and her best friend, Simon, has been thrown in prison by the Shadowhunters, who are deeply suspicious of a vampire who can withstand sunlight.

As Clary uncovers more about her family’s past, she finds an ally in mysterious Shadowhunter Sebastian. With Valentine mustering the full force of his power to destroy all Shadowhunters forever, their only chance to defeat him is to fight alongside their eternal enemies. But can Downworlders and Shadowhunters put aside their hatred to work together? While Jace realizes exactly how much he’s willing to risk for Clary, can she harness her newfound powers to help save the Glass City — whatever the cost?

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◄ 4 out of 5 stars ►

Before actually going into this review, I would like to say that I have reviewed the other two books in this series and you can check out my reviews for them (if you are interested in more of my thoughts on them):

First lets start with the things that I enjoyed about this book. The first is, obviously, all the interactions between Magnus and Alec! I love them together and seeing everything that happened between the two of them in this book was especially wonderful. They are basically the reason that this ended up being a 4 star book for me and not a 3 star one. I just love them two of them, they are definitely my favourite characters within this series!

Simon was amazing within this book as well! I loved that we got to spend more time with him and the more I read about him the more I love him. He is amazing and he ruled this book, I seriously hope that we get even more of him in future books. I also liked the scenery change, it was fascinating to see Idris and Alicante. It definitely brought variety to the story.

I already knew the biggest plot twists within this story. So they weren’t surprising to me, or anything like that. Why did I know them? A friend of mine told them when she was reading the book (which I didn’t mind and still don’t). It was really interesting experiencing the events that I had only heard about. And there were some things I didn’t know about as well.

Now onto the part that I disliked within this book. And, like with the first two books, it has to do with Jace and Clary. I seriously can’t stand either of those characters. Although, I do have to say Jace annoyed me less than in the previous books – he might even be growing on me a bit. (We shall see if that’s the case in the future.) Clary though, I hate her! An example as to why, which Luke put into words:

Of course you didn’t know. You don’t know anything about Idris. You don’t even care about Idris. You were just upset about being left behind, like a child, and you had a tantrum. And now we’re here.

She thinks she knows best and doesn’t listen to anyone about anything. Everything MUST to go her way. She frustrates me so much! It’s also not the only reason why I hate her, but it was the main one in this book. (I don’t want to think too much about it, as I don’t want to frustrate myself even more.) Also the romantic relationship that Cassandra Clare pushes between Clary and Jace makes me very uncomfortable. If they are siblings stop pushing them together and having awkward conversations about loving and wanting each other. It does not make this book romantic, or anything like that!

Overall, I enjoyed most of this book. Especially everything to do with Magnus, Alec and Simon. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in this series. Hopefully I will be able to read it soon!

(Also, how in the world did my review end up being this long?!)

Have you read City of Glass? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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The Atrocities by Jeremy Shipp || ARC Review

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher (through NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The Atrocities

Title: The Atrocities

Author: Jeremy Shipp

Published: 17. April 2018


Kindle Edition, 104 pages

Genre: Horror | Fantasy | Paranormal


When Isabella died, her parents were determined to ensure her education wouldn’t suffer.

But Isabella’s parents had not informed her new governess of Isabella’s… condition, and when Ms Valdez arrives at the estate, having forced herself through a surreal nightmare maze of twisted human-like statues, she discovers that there is no girl to tutor.

Or is there…?

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◄ 3 OUT OF 5 STARS ►

There were some aspects of this novella that I enjoyed and some that bothered me. The Atrocities left me feeling conflicted and for the longest time I didn’t know how to rate it.

What I really liked about this story was its setting and atmosphere. I was very intrigued by the mansion and I wanted to know more about it. The author managed to create an eery and uneasy atmosphere within the first few pages. The atmosphere continued to be like that throughout the whole novella and I loved it. I was also very intrigued by all the characters. There just seemed to be something strange about every single one of them. (They all just made me feel weird for some reason.) I enjoyed learning more about them and what their deal was.

What I didn’t enjoy about this novella is its lack of depth. There were some very interesting things hinted at, but never fully explored. I believe that the story would have been a lot better had it been longer and more developed. The premise, setting and characters had the potential to be explored a lot more and it’s really too bad that they weren’t. Another problem that I had with it was the ending. It felt very abrupt. I somehow didn’t even realise the story ended, I just expected something more from it – it didn’t feel completed. There was no transition to the ending, it just kind of happened. Plus there were some parts of the story that I found confusing, which I can’t go into detail about as it would spoil the story.

Overall I enjoyed this story, I just wish it was longer and more developed. I would recommend you to pick this novella up if you enjoy atmospheric and eerie books.

Have you read The Atrocities? Did you enjoy it? What was your favourite moment in the book? Do let me know!

Thank you very much for reading my review. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire || Book Review

Every Heart a Doorway

Title: Every Heart a Doorway

( Wayward Children #1 )

Author: Seanan McGuire

Published: 5. April 2016

Edition: Tor

Hardcover, 173 pages

Genre: Fantasy | Young Adult


Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children
No Solicitations
No Visitors
No Quests

Children have always disappeared under the right conditions; slipping through the shadows under a bed or at the back of a wardrobe, tumbling down rabbit holes and into old wells, and emerging somewhere… else.

But magical lands have little need for used-up miracle children.

Nancy tumbled once, but now she’s back. The things she’s experienced… they change a person. The children under Miss West’s care understand all too well. And each of them is seeking a way back to their own fantasy world.

But Nancy’s arrival marks a change at the Home. There’s a darkness just around each corner, and when tragedy strikes, it’s up to Nancy and her new-found schoolmates to get to the heart of the matter.

No matter the cost.

Goodreads | Bookdepository | Amazon

◄ 5 OUT OF 5 STARS ►

Wow. Just wow. This book was fantastic and I completely fell in love with it!

Now with that out of the way lets get into the actual review, where I will explain why exactly I loved this book so much. (Though it might be more of a gush than an actual review.)

The whole premise of this story intrigued me. Children returning from other worlds and then trying to adjust to a “normal” life – it’s a topic that I didn’t know I needed to read about until I heard about this book, but now I just want more and more! Growing up the series that actually got me into reading was The Chronicles of Narnia and I always wondered what it was like for the Pevensie siblings to return to their everyday life. This book answered some of those questions that I had.

The characters within this story were definitely my favourite part of it. I found all of them fascinating and I wanted to know more about them. That doesn’t usually happen, especially which shorter books like this one. The characters within this story are very diverse, which I appreciated greatly. One of the characters was asexual and I found the representation of it amazing! I have never encountered a character within a story that explicitly stated they were asexual. Finding this representation made me especially happy, seeing that I’m asexual myself. (Not sure if you were aware of that fact or not.)

The plot of the story was interesting, but not the strongest aspect of this book. The mystery, which I won’t mention in any detail because of spoilers, was rather predictable. I just don’t think that there was enough time to build and develop the plot more, as this book was rather short (which I keep mentioning for some reason). Still, I enjoyed it a lot – some things were unpredictable and I enjoyed the darker and more gruesome aspects of this book a lot.

Overall, this book was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to everyone! I can’t wait to get my hands on the other books in this series, I just NEED them in my life. Hopefully I will be able to get them soon!

Have you read Every Heart a Doorway? Did you enjoy it? What was your favourite moment in the book? Do let me know!

Thank you very much for reading my review. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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The Demon Inside by M.L. Sparrow || ARC Review

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The Demon Inside

Title:  The Demon Inside

Author: M. L. Sparrow

Published: 11. May 2015

Edition: M. L. Sparrow

                 Kindle Edition, 299 pages

Genre: Young Adult | Dystopian | Zombies


Darcy was a perfectly normal teenage girl, enjoying the summer after completing her A Levels with her boyfriend Alec. Until the night strange creatures begin falling from the sky, infecting people and transforming them into crazed, animalistic cannibals.

Having lost everything in one foul swoop – her parents, her home and all future plans – all Darcy can do is try to protect the people she does have left. Together, she and Alec, along with her younger sister, sarcastic best-friend, Alec’s alcoholic father and the family dog, set off on a journey to find somewhere safe in a world where everything is different.
However, when they do finally discover a haven, a place to call home again, can they remain? And who will survive?

Goodreads | Amazon

◄ 3 OUT OF 5 STARS ►

The Demon Inside wasn’t what I expected it to be and I meant that in both a good and bad way. I have read quiet a few zombie and apocalypse books before and they tend to fascinate me. I just find the whole concept interesting, plus it’s always exiting to read survival stories. (At least to me it is.)

When I’m reading apocalypse and zombie books I expect them to be thrilling and action packed. Sadly this wasn’t the case with this book. There was action in some parts of the book, but I found it mostly lacking in that department. The story felt very slow, especially towards the middle. Another thing that comes to mind when you think about zombies is horror, and I expected to find it in this book as well. Don’t get me wrong, there were horror elements, but you can definitely see that it’s aimed at a young adult audience – I just expected a lot more gore and violence from it. Not that that is a bad thing or anything, it’s just something that stood out to me. (Probably because I usually read adult horror novels, particularly Stephen King.)

The first part of the book is mostly focused on the characters, how some of them met and got to know each other better. It almost felt like a contemporary book at that point. My problem with this part was the insta-love between Darcy and Alec. That’s a trope that I seriously dislike and this book was no exception to that. Though I have to say that I enjoyed reading about their relationship more as the story progressed. The second part is more about survival and stuff like that. (And I already expressed my thoughts on that bit.)

I liked most of the characters. Darcy, Alec and Callie definitely stood out to me and I liked them the most. The other side characters were rather forgettable and I didn’t care all that much about them. Darcy was a very likeable protagonist and I enjoyed reading her story. Alec was interesting as well and I liked their relationship in general, though as I already mentioned the beginning wasn’t the best. (Insta-love is something that really bothers me.) I liked the dynamic between Darcy, Alec and Callie – it was a lot of fun to read about.

Overall I liked this book, but I wasn’t blown away by it or anything like that. I found it to be rather slow for an apocalypse/zombie novel and the horror aspect wasn’t there for me. The characters were interesting and likeable, but the romance wasn’t the best (in the beginning mostly). I would recommend you to check this book out, especially if you enjoy there types of books!

Lastly I would like to thank the author, M. L. Sparrow, for sending me a copy of her book!

Have you read The Demon Inside? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope that you have a wonderful day!


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