New Twitter & little blog update!

Today’s post is going to be a rather short one, I just wanted to update you on two things!

You might have noticed that my blog has slightly changed! I have simply gotten bored of my previous design so I decided to change it up a bit. Or rather I decided yesterday that I was bored of my previous design and that it needed to change. And, me being me, decided to fix that immediately and ended up staying up late (or rather later than usually) to finish updating it. I’m very happy with the way it looks now!

I have also made a new Twitter @mybookishdream, be sure to follow me there! (If you want that is!) Why did I make a new twitter in the first place? I had some problems with my previous one, which I’m not going to go into detail about. It wasn’t anything serious, just some things bothered me and I decided the best way to fix those problems was simply to delete my old twitter and create a new one. So that’s what I did!


That’s basically everything that I wanted to write about today.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful day!



I have become a Book Depository Affiliate!! || I’M BEYOND EXITED!!

Yes, you have read the title of this post right!!

I have become a Book Depository Affiliate!

I’m soooo happy that I got approved for it, I couldn’t be more exited. I’m still not fully comprehending the fact that it actually happened!


You can support me by buying books from My Affiliate Link and there is a button on the side of my blog which you can use as well.

A story about me and The Book Depository!

(As I don’t have much more to say about this announcement.)

When I was around 14 or 15 I wanted to start reading books in English. I have always loved that language and I wanted to improve my knowledge of it (as I felt it could be a lot better than it was), plus there were A TON of books I was interested in that weren’t translated sooo I couldn’t read them. (And who the hell knows when the translations would come out?!)

I’m originally from a small non-English speaking country where it’s nearly impossible to get books in English – either they aren’t being sold or they are over expensive (and I mean two to three times the original amount it cost). Ordering it online was impossible as well, as the shipping costs were simply ridiculous. There’s no way I could afford to buy myself the books I wanted, my family wasn’t poor or anything like that but we wasn’t that well of either. So it was a real struggle getting my hands on the books I wanted to read.

Then I discovered Book Depository and I couldn’t believe that it was real!! As soon as I found out that it has free shipping and that it ships to my country I was over the moon about it! It couldn’t have been more perfect!! Ever since then I have been ordering from the Book Depository, so for over 6 years now. So getting approved as an affiliate for that site still seems unbelievable to me. 

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day.



500+ Followers THANK YOU!!! || And other life updates.


I’m staring at the number of people that are following my blog at the moment and I still can’t believe it. I’m also really late to writing this post (super sorry about that, please forgive me!) so currently my blog has around 550 followers. 550 FOLLOWERS!?! I can’t believe that this many people decided to follow my blog and read my ramblings.



There really isn’t anything more I can say that can express my gratitude to all of you.

I’m overwhelmed with how my blog has grown since I started it and I NEVER expected to have 100 followers, let alone 550. I’m thankful to every single one of you! Thank you for following my blog, interacting with me and sharing my love for books (and other random things I love). Thank you all sooooo much!! ❤


Blog/reading updates:

  • This year I have decided to stop forcing myself to read (yes, I have briefly mentioned this before), or rather be pressured by the number of books I read each month. I started getting overwhelmed at the end of last year when I saw that I was behind on my goal. And it started causing me anxiety, so I have decided to set myself the goal of reading 7 books this year (which I know I’ll surpass easily) and just enjoy the books that I decide to pick up. After all quality over quantity, or something along those lines. This makes me feel a lot better and I’m already enjoying reading more, since there is no pressure.
  • I have decided to be more active on my blog and post regularly. Usually I only post whenever I feel like it – I basically write when I’m in the mood for it and then immediately post whatever I wrote when I’m finished with it. NOW I want to start panning ahead and actually posting regularly. At least two times a week, which I can surely manage. I’m not setting myself specific days for posting yet, but that might change in the future depending on how well I can organise myself.
  • I plan to start doing a few more features/memes aside from Top Ten Tuesday and Top Five Wednesday, as I do these ONLY when the theme interests me. (Which doesn’t happen that often. One a month or even less than that.) So WHAT are your favourite features/memes? I would love to know, so that I get more of an idea in which one I want to participate as well.
  • As I haven’t been that active this past week, due to real life stuff I had to deal with, I have quiet a bit of catching up to do – both in reading posts and answering comments. I’m really looking forward to reading all the posts I missed and I’m very sorry for being late with my replies.

Life updates:

  • I just finished an important paper for an uni course. And I mean like two days ago. It was basically the most important course for me, that I had in this semester. And now I have FINALLY finished it! I’m beyond happy about that and I must say that I’m quiet pleased with how it turned out to be.
  • And with me finishing the paper I mentioned, I have finished another semester of university! Yaaaaay for freedom. (At least for a bit, before my next one starts in March.) I have been pretty stressed this past semester, so I’m very glad that it’s finally over and done.
  • Today I’m actually going back to my home town for the break! I’m taking the bus this evening and going to visit my family and friends. I’m really exited about it, even though I have to endure an 7 to 8 hours long bus ride…That’s not going to be that fun, but it can’t be helped. (Although, now that I think about it, I haven’t even started packing yet…I should probably get to that!)
  • I have been living in Vienna for over 2 years now (a little bit over that) and I can’t believe that much time has already passed. This year I plan on exploring more of the city, as I don’t feel like I know it well enough – or as much as I would like. So hopefully I’ll be taking pictures of some places I visit and then sharing those experiences on my blog as well. (Not sure if that’s going to happen, it just an idea at the moment.)

And that is all. I have written a lot more than I thought I would. Apparently I missed writing and talking with all of you.

Once again, THANK YOU for the 550+ followers!

And thank you very much for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day!



What’s been happening in my life? WHERE HAVE I BEEN?|| Life and Blog Update

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have last posted anything. (So hopefully, you still remember me…) More precisely it’s been since the 4th of December. I seriously can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything in nearly two weeks!! The time passed by soooo fast and I have no idea where it went.


So where was I? What has been happening?

  • I had a presentation for an important class (the most important of this semester for me) that had to be 20 minutes long. So that meant researching and doing A TON of stuff for it. I had the presentation this week and it went very well, sooo at least I did good on that. So all the work did pay off.
  • I had some exams as well, meaning I had to study.
  • And I had to attend classes as well.
  • Seeing as I had that much to do, I nearly didn’t read anything and I wasn’t really motivated to write for my blog. I was dead tired every evening and just couldn’t write anything. Or do anything, to be more precise, aside from sleep and watch some youtube videos.

These past three weeks have been really crazy for me and I’m very glad that they are over. Now are Christmas holidays and I have finally some free time! SO that means I finally have time to read and blog! Yaaaaaaay for that!


I’m very exited to be back and to blog more! Since I was gone for a while I have quiet a few posts to catch up to, so hopefully I’ll be doing that this weekend. I CAN’T WAIT to talk to all of you again!

What else is new?

  • I changed the look of my blog a bit! (Or a lot, depending on how you look at it.) I changed the colour of my blog from teal to RED, added a new background and sidebar image. (And I’m going to change the profile picture soon as well, here and on all my other social media. I just got bored of the last look.)
  • I got a new hair colour as well. Today actually. I went from red to BLACK! And I’ sooo exited about it, I’m really loving it! Really happy that I decided to do it.
  • I’m also currently in my home town, where I’m staying for the Christmas holidays. I haven’t been home in 3 months, so it’s wonderful to be back once again. I arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to see all my family and friends soon.


That’s all that has been going on lately. I’ll be posting something else relatively soon.

Thank you very much for reading my rambling update. I hope you have a wonderful day!



400+ Followers Thank You!!! || And a little update (rant).

After a few days of not being able to access my blog (or the internet in general) I come back to find out that I have reached over 400 followers.

WHAT?! When did that happen? HOW did that happen?!


I’m seriously speechless right now. I can’t believe that there are this many people that are interested in my blog and what I have to say.


I seriously can’t thank you enough! You are all amazing and wonderful and I love you all sooo much!


Now onto the little rant, or update, or whatever it turns out to be.

This past week wasn’t the best one for me. Sigh. I’m really glad that it’s over now. Why? What was happening?

  • I was sick for 5 days. Nothing too serious, it was just a cold. But it was annoying as hell, as I had a headache nearly every day. Plus I didn’t feel like doing anything aside from sleeping. It’s a good thing that university hasn’t started for me yet, which meant that I could relax as much as I wanted.
  • My laptop broke down. And it has been broken for a week now. (Yes, it was as bad as it sounds!) I was able to fix it a bit (as I’m using it at the moment), but it’s really limited at the moment. I don’t freaking have any audio at the moment and I can’t access any of my files. It’s basically a huge mess. I NEED to get a new laptop soon. (And hopefully I will!)

  • I also didn’t have any internet for a few days. Or rather it was super limited and I could only access some basic stuff. This I managed to fix completely and I’m very proud of myself for managing to fix it on my own! And I have quiet a few comments and posts to catch up to, so that’s what I will be doing tonight. (Sorry for the wait!)

So that’s what has been going on recently in my life. Hopefully, now that I’m finally healthy and that I (kinda) got my laptop to work, everything will go better from now on!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!



Where I Have Been | (+ Pictures Of My Bookshelf) || Life Update

Hello everyone! I have missed you all soooo much! ❤


It’s been ages since I have written anything (or at least that’s the way it feels), so I apologize in advance for being a bit rusty. (And probably rambling a lot more than I should, but that happens all the time…sooo basically just ignore me.)

Anyway, I’M BACK!

Where was I? What have I been doing? Have I been reading?

(Obviously the most important questions.)

Well, that’s what this post is for! I’m just going to tell you why I haven’t posted anything lately and why I was very inactive! (I have SOOOOO many comments and posts to catch up to, it’s seriously ridiculous. I’M SOOOO SORRY that I kept you waiting with my responses, but I shall get to that once I finish writing this post.)


I was moving to a new dorm (I just needed the change, though I’m still living in Vienna) and that took me AGES! I own waaaay too many things, though in my mind I need everything that I have. (Plus I had a ton of books to move as well, you can most likely understand my struggle with that.) Organizing everything and cleaning my room took me an eternity, but now I’m super happy with how everything looks! 😀 That’s basically where I was – moving and cleaning (plus I had no internet for 4 or so days – yes, it was a torture). BUT now that’s over and I’M BACK!

Here is also my bookshelf (as I did mention in the title that there would be pictures), yes I have to double stack as I don’t have space for another bookshelf, so I’m doing what I can! And those are basically all the books that I have in my dorm room, not counting those on my Kindle. (Yes, I have waaaay to many here.)

I have been reading while I was away and I have finished a few books (Actually pretty happy with myself on that front). There are also quiet a few reviews that I need finish writing. Sooo look forward to that! 🙂

I’m just getting back into blogging and I have missed it A TON! Even though it hasn’t been that long since I last posted anything. I’m very much looking forward to writing more and talking to all of you once again!

Thank you all for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day.



I’M BACK! || + 1 Year Blogiversary (and other things)

So on Sunday, July 3rd, I finished and sent my last assignment for this semester of university to the professor that gave it out. Yesterday, July 4th, I was traveling nearly all day with my dad from Vienna (where I go to university) to my home town. (Just a side note, it took us around 7 to 8 hours, with a car, to get there.)

My summer has finally started! I’M FREE!


I’m free until October (when my next semester starts), though I do have to study for some exams that I have in September…BUT WE SHALL IGNORE THAT – I finally have time to do all the things I love and I’m super exited about it!

Onto the blogging part of my life!

Now that I have a lot more free time I’m going to be posting more regularly (I’m not getting a sheldule, as I don’t like them – or rather I don’t like forcing myself to post on specific days) and I’m going to be commenting a lot more on other peoples posts. As that is something I haven’t been doing enough lately (as I basically had no time). I’m very much looking forward to talking to you a lot more! And of course reading your posts as well. 😀


Right after I finish this post I’m going to be writing my June reading wrap up, as I haven’t done that yet. Look forward to that if you are interested in what I read last month (I should be posting it later today as well.) 🙂

BlogIt’s also my one year BLOGIVERSARY!

I seriously can’t believe that I have had this blog for such a long time!

A little disclaimer/story (however you want to call it). I created this blog at the end of June last year (around the 27th, or something like that). Though I hadn’t really started using it immediately but a month later. My first post was on July 27th (it was a book review, you can check it out here), meaning my actual Blogiversary is a bit hard to determine! 😄 So basically it’s somewhere between these two moths! (Or that’s at least how I’m seeing it.) And I honestly don’t care about the actual date.

Moving on! I’m soooo happy that I started blogging, as I have met some of the most amazing people ever, I have gotten to talk about books (and my other passions) with others and I have had just the best time ever. I just wanted to say: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! to everyone who follows my blog and interacts with me. You are all simply wonderful!


Social MediaI have also created a bloglovin’ account!

Do let me know if you have one as well, so that I can follow you!

Well, when I’m already writing about social media I should mention all those that you can find me on! (As I have actually never done that before in a post, though they are all linked in my About Me and Contact Me pages.)

So I have a twitter, where I want to try and be more active as well – I tend to forget that I even have it. I also use instagram, as I do love taking pictures of books (or rather I love taking pictures in general). I have a tumblr where I post a mix of bookish, anime, artsy and gaming things (basically everything that I love). Of course, I have a goodreads as well. And lastly there is myanimelist, where you can see all the anime and manga that I have watched/read. (Plus I have rated every single one of them, so you can see which ones I enjoyed the most as well.)


(I just felt like using this gif, so here it is!) 😄

That’s all for now! Thank you soooo much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!



300+ Followers Thank You! || 100+ Posts and A Little Life Update


Oh. My. God. I just reached 300+ followers!

I seriously can’t believe that right now!



When I started this blog nearly a year ago I had no idea that this many people would be interested in what I had to say! One of the reasons for thinking that is that English isn’t my first language and I wasn’t really sure how I would be able to express myself. Which is kind of stupid, as my English is quiet good and I KNOW that. I guess I was just insecure about writing in another language. (Moving on – as this really isn’t the time or place to write about this.)

I feel really overwhelmed right now just thinking about the amount of people I have talked to and befriend through this blog. Everyone is simply amazing and I love this community! Thank you all soooo much for being super friendly, wonderful and supportive!


BlogI have also written over 100 posts on this blog! (This is actually the 101st one.) That also seems very surreal. I can’t believe that I have written that much on this site. I still remember writing and posting my first one.

I absolutely love blogging, it has turned into my favourite hobby and I’m sooo glad that I decided to give it a shot. I just love writing about books and other random things that I love.

Now onto the little life update part!

I’m nearly done with this semester of university! 😀 I’m super happy and glad about that, I simply can’t wait for my summer vacation to start. I only have this week and the next one left. Meaning starting around the 4th of July I’m FREE!


I also wanted to apologize for not really interacting with everyone! I was around posting and answering the comments on my posts, but I have been slacking in commenting on other peoples blogs. I’m super sorry about that! I just haven’t had the time to do that recently. But that’s going to change next month, as I’ll finally have more free time!

I can’t wait to talk more with everyone soon! 🙂

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day.



Where I Was And Other Things || Life Update + 200 Followers Thank You

Okay, I was pretty much gone all of last week. I have been so busy and I’m seriously glad that that week is finally over! But NOW I’m back! And hopefully I will have more free time starting now. I’m supper happy right now anyway! 😀 How have you all been?


What have I been doing in that time? Well first of all I went back to Vienna from my home town (where I was during the winter holidays) and university started for me, meaning I had to organize my stuff (the basic things you do when you move to a new place, or get back to it in my case) and go to classes (among other things). Plus I had an exam on Friday, meaning I studied most of the week as well. Meaning I died, simple as that.


I haven’t been reading much either, when I got the time to do that I was too tired and just wanted to relax. Which I did do, and had a lot of fun! 😀 (Though a lot of reading didn’t happen.) Now I’m kind of out of practice on writing as well. Or something like that. (I seriously haven’t written anything in a long time – ot at leat it feel like that). Hopefully I’ll get into it soon, as I have some reviews I want to write and tags (a LOT of them) to catch up to. 😀 Though I am exited about that as well.


On another note. Over the weekend I started playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – meaning I played the game all weekend. I’m seriously obsessed with it. I have never played it before (I just didn’t get the chance to do so) but I finally bought it for myself last week and I’m freaking LOVING it. Super glad that I got it 😀 – though I have to pace myself with playing, as I have university things I have to do and (sadly) can’t spend all my time playing it. :/


And YES, I did use a lot of gifs for this post. I just felt like it! 😄 Anyway, all of them are linked, just click on the picture and it will take you to the tumblr page where I took them from. 😀

EDIT: from literary 5 minutes after I posted this!

BlogI just hit 200+ followers! Oh. My. God. Thank you all soooo much! ❤ I’m sooo happy right now. When I started I honestly never expected this many people to be interested in my blog. Thank you all sooo much once more! 😀 I just don’t have the words to describe how I feel right now. (Plus I decided to add this to this already existing post, as it literary just happened and it fits well!)


That’s all for today. I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading! ❤



Happy New Year!


Wow. It’s already the first day of a new year.

I seriously can’t wrap my mind around that, the year of 2015. passed by so fast. I can’t even fathom how it’s already a new year.

I don’t really have any resolutions to share, as that is not really my thing. I tend to break them in the first two months, so there really is no point to them. I’m very impressed by those who manage to fulfill them.


Now to the reason that I’m writing this post.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

I hope that it will be a fantastic year, that you will accomplish everything you ever dreamed about. I wish you all the best! Simply I wish you have the most amazing year of your life. ❤